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Euromech Colloquium 602 :"Composite manufacturing processes. Analyses, modelling and simulations"

Mercredi 13 Mars 2019 - Vendredi 15 Mars 2019
Lyon, INSA de Lyon


Manufacturing simulation enables an initial validation of the process and the determination of suitable process parameters. This can prevent a time consuming and expensive "trial and error" process design. Furthermore, the fibre reorientation due to forming is predictable, which can be used as input value for structural analysis. Difference in properties of a composite and structural response of a composite part “as manufactured”, in comparison with “as designed”, are getting in a focus of industrial research.

The simulation of composite manufacturing processes needs the knowledge, the experimental analysis, and the modelling of the physical phenomena involved. During the process, these phenomena concern materials in large deformation (depending on temperature, phase change….). The experimental analysis, modelling and the simulation of physical phenomena during composite forming are the objectives of the colloquium.

The conference will focus on composite materials with continuous fibres for structural parts The forming of the reinforcement without resin (dry preform) and with non-hardened resin (prepreg) will be considered. This leads to two main scientific topics: forming of fibrous material (often call draping) and thermomechanics and consolidation of the composite in prepreg forming.